How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Spa? (According to the Owners of Pool and Spa Warehouse)

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From the very mouths of those who own and maintain a pool and spa warehouse, they often say there is more to a pool spa than just being a pool of water. Some would like to think of this kind of investment as a health installation, or as an indispensable cardiovascular workout.

Regardless if you are seeking out some practical ways to shed those unwanted flabs, get back in shape, or only want a haven for you and your family’s relaxation, a pool spa may be something worth investing in. But much like any other kind of pool equipment, these pieces also necessitate proper upkeep or maintenance so you can enjoy the maximum value they can offer. 

Before agreeing to buy anything, you must have a good idea of what the requirements are. Traditional pools that are not given proper care and maintenance pose health and safety risks. Serious neglect of the same will eventually translate to expensive repairs and fixes.

Simply put, installing a traditional pool and owning a pool spa necessitates that you invest as well as significant amounts of time for their maintenance or upkeep. And it is such a relief to know that efforts on this aspect would pay off. We are sharing below some of the most important things you need to know and follow in as far as maintaining your swim spa is concerned.  

Check Your Pool Water Quality 

According to the people who are in charge of managing a pool and spa warehouse facility, even if you are not in the habit of using your pool spa on a regular or daily basis, you must check out the pool water quality now and then. 

You need to keep an eye on how the water would look like and how it would smell. Any change in these two aspects of your pool water could signify issues in progress. And it’s worth taking care of it as early as possible before it could even billow up into a major problem. 

Water Chemistry

Water pool chemistry is not as complicated or as daunting as you thought it should be. There are a handful of devices and methods that can be taken advantage of here if you want to keep on various things like chlorination, calcium hardness, and pH level. 

As for the pH level of the water, make an effort to keep your pool water in range with that of the human eyes, which is 7.4. Pool water with such a level of pH is not irritating to the eyes, thus pool users are likely to appreciate and enjoy their swimming experience even more. 

The ideal ratio of chlorine to your pool spa water is 3 parts per million, even though the 1 to 5 range would still be considered by experts and professionals as still acceptable. Now as for the calcium hardness, you can have this at 125 and 400 ppm or parts per million, with total alkalinity ranging at an estimated 160 ppm. 

swimming pool

The alkalinity level under this range is considered the safest to swim in. Besides, it also helps your pool spa’s heating and filtration systems from premature corrosion. Therefore, they last longer, too. 

 Test Strips 

The simplest and perhaps the easier measure you can have in your pool water arsenal of tools are the test strips. They will help you keep good track of your pool spa water chemistry. Most of the time, swim spa and warehouse owners and managers would be advising their clients to keep things in their pool spa water in balance – centering mostly on chlorination and pH. 

As you gain experience in such areas of pool spa upkeep, the inherent ability you have on managing these aspects of maintenance will also get to improve over time. It is okay to forgive yourself if you don’t get it in the first go, you will learn in the process.  

Changing the Water

Make it a goal to drain your pool spa water completely and refill it after every 3-60 months, depending on the regularity of use. This is the best way to assure yourself that your pool spa water is safe and clean to swim and soak in.

If you will keep using additive chemical compounds in your pool water, you run the risk of causing buildup right inside your pool spa’s pipe system that supports it. 

It can be a hassle indeed at times, but it makes a world of difference when you replace your pool spa water now and then. This measure will significantly improve the lifespan of your outdoor water entertainment facility.  

Owners and managers of pool and spa warehouses and outlets assert that if you own a pool spa or are planning to acquire one of your own very soon, they recommend that you get yourself knowledgeable in this area — the proper way to maintain it. 

Proper maintenance and upkeep of your pool spa will help ensure years of fun and enjoyment because you keep the service technician at bay.