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Why are Swimming Pools Considered as the Ultimate Urban Status Symbol?

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It won’t necessarily hurt your bank account should you make that decision to rent a home with swimming pool amenities inside the solitude of a seaside resort. Spain and Portugal, for instance, are bulleted with easy-on-budget apartment blocks and their key selling features are the communal pools set in panoramic beachside communities. 

According to Australian spa parts business managers, the opposite of which is true when you choose to rent a residential property with a pool in an urban area. If you do so, you will quickly realize that you are spending a great deal of money.  

The reason behind the seemingly exorbitant rates of homes with pools in urban locations is because space in these regions comes at a premium. Simply put, if an onsite-pool is a kind of luxury you want to have in your home, there is no other way to have it than by paying for it. The cost of which will vary enormously, that is depending exactly where you are. Here are some examples from around the world. 

Abu Dhabi Offer Rental Homes with Pools 

Abu Dhabi is a country with an average temperature range of 35-36°C, particularly during July and August, it gives many people here a good reason to desire to have easy access to pools. Surprisingly, homes here with such amenities are affordable. 

residential property with pool

An annual budget of AED 60,000 which, at the time of writing is equivalent to £12,500, is sufficient enough for you to bag a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Such a residence grants you access to communal jacuzzis, pools, swim spas, sauna and steam room, etc. This is with respect to the report given by various property listings, most of which have several homes with pools available for rent in the areas. 

Rental Properties with Pool in London

London is an urban place that offers plenty of options when it comes to homes with pools. At the time of writing, prices there for such properties would generally start at around £4,000 a month but this is bound to rise precipitously with respect to the particular residential property in question. 

In Knightsbridge, 5 bedroom end of the terrace that is spread over eight floors and boasts an indoor swimming pool that is 15m in length with a steam room, sauna, and gym will have you shell out a whopping cool £43,333 per month. 

Putting this into the right perspective, as of August of 2019, renting a residential property in London will average at £1,689 per month. The fastest rate of increase in the UK during that time happened in the prior year, which is 3.5%. That amount did not even factor in yet the swimming pool cost.  

Barcelona and Its Rental Homes with Pools 

Barcelona is yet again another premier urban area, where most people take pride in their top-of-the-line homes. It is a particularly good place to invest your money if you are seriously interested in growing your money in real estate.

Prevailing rates for rental homes would be ranging from €900-€1,000 a month. These are apartments that come with an expansive area of 50 to 120 square meters of property. 

Property buyers who are on a constant lookout for good deals or hot properties with a pool as among its amenities should expect to pay somewhat more. Current listings for rental homes start from €1,800 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment. Residential properties of this caliber are usually equipped with communal rooftop solarium and a swimming pool. 

As with London, the natural tendency for the standard rates of rental homes here to spike without notice. A 4- bedroom and a 4-bathroom house with a swimming pool as part of its amenities, either an indoor or an outdoor type, in the heart of the city will usually command a rental price of €15,000 (£12,700) every month.  

Are Swimming Pools the New Status Symbols Today? 

Renting an apartment with a swimming pool as its key selling feature, it is likely going to become a different matter if you happen to be in, say, a globally renowned city. In areas that are highly reputed for its high cost of living, renting out a residential property will signify a great deal about that person’s social standing.