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How to Go About Styling a House for Sale?

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Styling a house for sale will significantly improve your odds of getting the optimum possible sale price of your residential property. With careful thought and organized planning, you’d be able to take on a DIY styling approach to your home and come up with a style layout that is somehow at par with how a professional home stager will do. 

If you seriously want to have a picture-perfect styling for your home interiors and ace your chances of selling your home at a premium amount, consider paying attention to these nuggets of tips and advice on staging a home.  

Draw Up a Budget for this Project

Should you partner up on this home staging project with a qualified home stylist, besides his professional fees, you may need to put into account also stamp duty, legal bills, and building inspections which you are most likely you are going to incur for a future home. By this measure, you’d have a pretty good idea of the amount of money that you can allocate for your home staging project.  

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You need to factor in also one-time purchases like some fine pieces of decor and furniture but you also need to include in here weekly expenses over your 4-6 week home selling campaign. These weekly expenses would include buying fresh flowers, so, therefore, identify what should come first over giving priority to decorative items. 

Declutter Your Space

In the real estate universe, there are 3 important rules to go by and that is location, location, and lastly location. In the home staging business, there are also 3 cardinal rules to keep in mind and that is to declutter, declutter, and declutter. 

This means to say that if there are items in your home, and I am very certain that there are manifold items in your house, that don’t enhance or add up to the aesthetic value of your indoor space, you need to take it out and hide it or remove it.  

Normally, this goes for extra-large furniture items like a secondary sofa. Even when you happen to have an expansive amount of space in your room, they can easily make it feel cramped and thus incommodious-looking. The same is also true for small knick-knacks if there are too many of them they often look so crowded. 

So the bottom line here is, show off your available space but not for showcasing your accent pieces or decor items.  

White It Out

Some people find choosing a color scheme for their indoor space a very daunting task to take. If you are among those people who think that this aspect of home staging is out of your depth, there is no better way to do it than by going all-white. 

White is a neutral hue, and thus can’t go wrong with it, regardless of layout or style you decide to have on a room. You may love your purple curtains on your living room window, or that blazing red feature wall. However, what works for you may not be the case for everyone else. Chances are high also this would be putting off your potential buyers. 

In addition to this, white also gives the illusion that a room has an expansive amount of space. Besides, it also enlivens and brightens up a home. These 2 aspects are indeed highly prized in the world of real estate business.  

Wrapping Up!

Styling a house for sale can easily become a smooth-sailing journey when you have everything up and ready. Knowing and understanding how discriminating is the taste of property buyers today will put you in a more competitive edge over other sellers.