How to Mend Scratches and Cracks on Australian Plunge Pools?

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swim spaFinding a chip, crack, or tear in your Australian plunge pool is comparable to spotting a scratch on a nicely polished, sleek car. The damage may be small, nevertheless, it is a huge letdown. Thankfully, small cosmetic damage to the acrylic shell of pool equipment can be fixed in no time.  

As for the materials that you might need for a task like this, there is no need to be worried because they are inexpensive and supplies are readily available. You must address cracks and scratches at the soonest. 

Cracks spread fast and when that happens it will cause serious damage to the layers under the swim spa shell. Therefore, they must be taken care of soon enough. Eventually, water will seep into the internal dynamics of your swimming spa. 

Here’s how to prevent damage from progressing and increase the lifespan of your swim spa by repairing chips, cracks, or scratches.

Identify What the Real Issue is All About 

Take a good hard look at the damage first before making any attempt to repair your Australian plunge pool on your own. Maybe it’s just a surface scratch, or there could be a far deeper gash underneath the fiberglass? 

We suggest that you triple-check to see whether the service plan or replacement warranty still covered the damage. If you tried and failed to fix the issue in hand, you certainly run the risk of eventually nullifying its warranty.  

Otherwise, if you decide to proceed, see if you’re happy with the results of your effort after assessing it. Try asking your dealership for help and guidance if a gash looks serious enough or if the crack you’re seeing is deep and huge. 

Take the same course of action if your swim spa fiberglass or ABS-backing material has indeed been compromised. Swim spa specialists who are indeed knowledgeable and experienced should be accessible.

Set up Your Workspace and Accessories 

It’s never exciting to get halfway through a restoration work only to find out later on that you’re missing an essential part or two. Start preparing a comfortable workspace. Secure also the required materials and equipment, before beginning any kind of work. 

For this, you will probably need:

pool and spa

A repair kit for acrylic.

Your nearest spa or pool store is likely to offer a package designed specifically for your swim spa maintenance and repair needs. In the absence of a spa-specific repair kit or package, an acrylic repair kit tailored for cars will also work.

You might also need a drill and a rotary bit for projects of this kind. Large cracks require the use of a quality drill and should come with a rotary bit. This will allow you to grind down the edges of the cracks.  

Swim Spa Cleaning Agent.

Chances are high, you have ready access to a top-tier swim spa cleaner. They are usually available from your reputable swim spa distributor. Otherwise, a similar acrylic cleaning product from a home depot would suffice.

Soft Towel.

The smoother the towel you have, the less abrasive it is on your swim spa’s backshell. Moderate to zero abrasion towels include microfiber towels. You will usually find these types of towels being used in automotive repair shops and centers. 


There is a good possibility that you can mend the shell of your Australian plunge pool using only common sandpaper grain. You can get this kind of sandpaper from a nearby hardware store or DIY carpentry dealers

We encourage you to keep a stockpile of such items since they are among the must-haves if you have your Australian plunge pool. This way, you have something handy to use in case you have a similar situation again in the future.