What Do You Need to Look for in the Best WiFi Antennas?

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Perhaps what can be considered as the easiest to purchase type of antenna would be home antennas, since they require from you the least amount of effort in selecting and installing. Most of the time, you only need one type of antenna on a remote computer.  For this we suggest that you install any kind of external antenna on your remote computer. 

If you decide to install it on your router but you don’t intend on setting up security right away, chances are you will have lesser signal strength outside your house. Besides, you are also making your network prone to hackers. If you happen to be living in a big house, you will need to install an antenna on every single computer unit you have in order to get the required bandwidth or range. 

Every single wall that the signal will need to go through will weaken it down. In order to preserve optimum signal strength, we encourage you to install a 5dB ceiling dome type of antenna. This goes alongside with either RL-1000 antennas on all your remote computer systems or wireless desktop antennas.  


When it comes to office antennas, they are pretty easy and straightforward. If you have good plans of setting up a network system right inside the 4 walls of your office building but don’t have any intentions of running and setting up cables and all around the place, what you need to do first is to buy yourself a good wireless card. Then install a ceiling dome type to help extend and optimize the signal to the office router. As simple and easy as that. 

But things can become complicated when you need to split the office at 2 different points, or if your office is situated in a multiple storey building or if your office is extremely large.  

Mobile WiFi Antennas

What good reason can anyone have for wanting to have wifi antennas right inside their vehicle? Well, it makes sense considering the fact that there is a manifold of RV parks and truck-stops strewn all around the country and the majority of them are offering wireless connectivity. 

In fact, the vast majority of public wireless networks are accessible directly from your truck, car or RV. If you have heard about WarDriving, this is what unscrupulous people are using to get around neighborhoods to access their networks without the owner’s consent. 

Yagi Antennas 

This is the flagship work of two Japanese nationals, namely:  Hidetsugu Yagi and Shintaro Uda. Sometimes people would refer to them as the Yagi-Uda antennas, so now you know they are just the same and that there is no reason to confuse yourself about it. 

Originally, this type of antenna was intended for radio applications but today has found its way for use in 802.11 systems. They are typically directional in function and mainly used point to point. 

They are also ideally used in helping extend a multi-point system point range. A weatherproof Yagi antenna with 14-16 elements can be used for this purpose if you want your system installed outside. They are highly reputed because of their inherently strong signal strength, and if used in right circumstances, they can communicate even if they are miles apart.